By custom shredding every order, Bova can replicate the exact cheese blend and cut fineness or coarseness that individual customers prefer for their pizzeria. And we can do it with incredible consistency that can’t be matched.

Maria Mia made a substantial investment in a state of the art, in-line cheese shredder and bagging technology in order to create incredibly convenient pouches that preserve freshness and can be filled with custom cheese blends as unique as the pizza makers we serve.

Exceptional measuring precision and shredding produces repeatable results and taste consistency for your customer. And if you prefer a traditional style fresh mozzarella, Maria Mia delivers 1/3 oz. ciliegini, 1.5 oz. bocconcini, 4 oz. ovoline, and standard one pound balls.

Uniquely yours – Maria Mia custom shreds are made to your exact preferences.